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So you wanna get fans that stick with you on a long term ?
Make Mind-Blowing Tracks
People Will Listen Again & Again
97% Of Rap Song Get Skipped Because Of That

As a recording artist your main goal is to get heard and make your fans crazy about your music, support you and wanna hear more from you. 

There's a "trick" all successful music artists knows.


Don't get me wrong, I speak about mainstream AND underground artists (tons of the 2nd ones make a great living off their music and that's beautiful)

A track that is simple and got the right structure is 10x more appealing and addictive for us, human being. That's bring full variation of emotions that keep us ecstatic & wanting for more.

That's the difference between tracks people listen once and tracks people listen again & again & again.

It's a real, game, changer.


Even if you have a small fan base, it's 100x better to have tracks your fans will listen on the long term than having a huge fan base that listen to it once

I'm Starseed Beats a French new school hip hop music producer.


My 6 years producing music for recording artists and skills might interest you.

With the time, I've learned how to make beats simple enough to leave you room to express your creativity, and complex enough to entertain your fans.

I'll be glad to contribute to your future success with my work.

All of the beats you'll find in the catalog got only 1 purpose : help you to make stunning tracks your fans will fall in love with.

Because you never know how well a track will perform and/or when it will blow up, all the beats come with unlimited lease licenses.

In other words : choose your beats, make outstanding tracks, release, promote & win your milestones.

What Artists Say About My Beats
That's Ain't For Every Rappers/Singers
That's For You If :

✅ You already got experience in recording tracks


✅ You got a fan base/audience (even if it's a small one)


✅ You don't expect me to make you blow up thanks to my beats


✅ You know you have to do your part of the job to turn the beats into bangers


✅ You have a plan to promote your music or you're learning about that or you have someone that help you with that

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