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In the next line you'll understand how to go from 0 to thousands of views from real people who will love your tracks by working with me.


I'm Starseed Beats a music producer from France. Making trap, rap and neosoul beats, and also helping artists getting their music heard

May be you tried to :

➡️ Upload your tracks on your own YT channel

➡️ Share your link on facebook groups

➡️ Send your music to people on Instagram DM or messenger (and nobody give a fuck)

➡️ You did some facebook ads but you spent more money than the views you get in return...

➡️ You're pissed of people not giving a fuck about your music

➡️ You're tired to spend too much money on promoting your tracks and you hope to spend this money in other things...

✊ You just wanna make music, getting people heard it and at the end monetize your music without spending too much time by doing it all by yourself ?

✊ You wanna only focus on making dope tracks ?

✊ You know you're dope but you just need help for beats & exposure ?

You're at the right place !

If you work with me you'll be able to focus only on making dope music. Me & my patners will take care of promoting your tracks

I know how frustrating it is when you spend time to make music, put your heart in it and at the end don't even have 1k views...

I was in the same situation back in the days when I was a rapper and when I started dropping beats on the net. Until I discovered how to leverage the whole thing. Which helped me to get beats that hit 150k views on YouTube


That's why when you work with me. You don't just get a beat lease with some limitations (I don't do limitation). No, what you get is a premium service that take care of you as an artist and your track.


No matter which pack of my offer you choose you'll get a beat lease with unlimited right (can get unlimited streams, views, sales, music videos, radio broadcast etc) + a feedback/review to be sure you're track sound good enough (we talk here about the audio quality recording, mixing and mastering) to be sure the promotion campaign will be effective.


Then I send your track to my patners to be featured on their YouTube channels to get you thousands of views from real hip hop music lovers. They will also promote your track from your own YouTube channel* and promote your track on Soundcloud & Spotify**

And even more depending of the package you choose. 

In few words. You get your track from your imagination to thousands of views

*Not Available With The Star Package

**Only Available With The Nebula Package

Choose Your Beat & Package & Start Now