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No Matter If You Make Mainstream Or Underground Hip Hop

In the next lines, you'll discover how to make tracks people will notice, love & stream on repeat. It's easier than you think and it's work even if you don't have a fan base yet, you never recorded a track before or you're in the music for a while

Tired of people saying "your tracks are cool but that's not the music I like" ?

Wish people stream your tracks on repeat & share them on social media ?

Are you feeling like you'll never receive the exposure your music deserve ?

May be you tried : 


To make remixes of famous tracks to get people listening to your music

To find your own sound to stand out from the crowd

To make features with bigger artists than you

To use beats made by top YouTube producers even if everyone are using the same beats

And at the end of the day, nothing changed. You're stil stuck with people don't giving a fuck about your tracks ?

If you feel like that. I got something that will change your life...

I Know What You Feel

Back in the days, I was in the same situation as you. I spending time to make tracks I was proud of. Trying to improve my writing skills & flow on every tracks. Using famous beats to do remix that will attract people. Talking about hot & deep topic in my lyrics.

But nobody give a fuck about them. I tried a lot of things. Making music only about what specific topic that will matter to specific people. It's worked a bit but nothing really cool. My fan base was near zero & most of time people checked my tracks once & that's all.

It was the same thing for my beats at the beginning. Until I discovered one thing that make every piece of music loveable & addictive no matter what you do...

It's ain't your fault

Most upcoming artists start making music by passion. They start like that without really knowing what's make a good track or no (I did it too). We believe in our good music taste & passion to improve our skills and make tracks people will enjoy.

We got damn wrong. And that's because nobody told us the truth. 


 As a rapper you probably think as I was few years ago : "If I make tracks with dope flow & lyrics that are deep with punchlines, multiples meaning & depth people will love my tracks & share everywhere"

That's not a good idea. You make music you like. It's like making music for you. And that's wrong. If you wanna make people love your music. It's not about you...


It's about them

A good news. You don't need to make tracks you don't like. You just have to make simple tweaks to take your tracks from good to insane.

It's all about the structure !


Scientists find out music we love the most is music that get the perfect mix between predictability & not. Also as a human being we tend to get bored very fast.

That's why you can see structure that seem all the same in the most popular tracks. To keep your attention and make you love them thx to the perfect balance between predictability & not.

That's the exact same thing for stories & movies. At the start it's calm, heroes are living peacefully. Then something happen, they need a solution. Things start to go well, we good but things start going worst out of the blue. Finally we got the final battle/rush to solve the problem & go back to peace.

You see what I mean ? There is contrast. Contrast create emotions. A movie without any action at all or only action while 2h straight is boring as fuck. Just imagine that. A fucking nightmare ! 

That's the exact same things for tracks. You need contrast to create emotions & make people fall in love with your tracks. That's why getting the right structure for your tracks will change your life for ever.


Do you think Drake, Post Malone, Logic or even Joyner Lucas make hit randomly ?

Hell no ! They all use structures that works. They make bangers, fast & easily.

Today, I'm Here To Help You

As a music producer my mission is to help you make tracks people will love & being proud of your work at the same time.

For that, all the beats you'll get from me are made to be turned into dope tracks easily & fast.

The structures they got are the same as the ones used by top artists. Such as Drake, Post Malone, Logic or even Joyner Lucas. I spent time to analyse the strucutre they use. So each time I make a new beat, I pick one of those structure for my beat.

I always have the final use in mind when I produce a beat. All that to make your life easier.

That's why when you get a beats from me you get a note file. It will explain you exactly how to handle & use the beat you get the right way. You'll know the exact structure of it. Where to put the chorus, the verses, the bridge, pre chorus and/or post chorus. And that's not all...

You'll get advices & ideas to make your track even more interesting. All that to make a track you & your fans will love. It's a bit like working with me in the studio. It's way more than beats. It's an experience of creation

You'll Get :

🔥 Beat Structured To Help You Make Tracks People Will Love 

(Delivered in high quality Mp3 320 Kbps + Wav 48 kHz + Track Out Stems Wav 48 kHz)

🔥 Note File That Explain You Exactly The Structure Of Your Beat To Hit The Full Potential Of Your Track

🔥 Advices & Ideas To Make Your Track More Interesting & More Loveable 


🔥 Unlimited Lease License To Drop Your Track On All Digital Platforms Without Views/Play Limitations

🔥 Radio Broadcast, Paid Performance, Music Video Allowed

What Artists Say About My Work
All That For Only  ̶$̶3̶0̶0̶.̶0̶0̶  $50

I do that because I wanna make it affordable for artists to get tracks people will love & make money of it. $300 it's generally what it cost you to have dope beats with unlimited lease + hiring a songwriting coach for 1h.

The rate is low because beats is not my only one revenue stream. That's why I can make it lower for you

100% Guarantee Beats Structured To Help You Make Tracks People Will Love Based On Top Artists Successful Tracks

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