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How To Make Artists Wanna Rap On Your Beats
Even If They Never Heard About You Before

In the next lines, you'll discover how you can easily make rappers go crazy about your beats and wanna make tracks on them. Even if they never heard of you before...

Maybe You :

🔸 You got struggles to sell your beats ?

🔸 You make dope ass melodies but nobody wanna jump on your beats ?

🔸 You're pissed off to see artist get beats from big producers when you make cool beats too ?

🔸 You know you're talented enough but don't know what's wrong ?

"I'll Hit Up When I Need Beats"

I was in the same situation as you not long ago...


I made a lot of beats. Dropping one or 2 beats per weeks. At a moment I even started to get a lil following. And artists told me my beats where hot. But almost nobody was willing to work with me. 

Even a french website for music producer didn't let me post my work on it. Some artists keep telling me "I keep you in mind. I'll hit you up when I need beats" they obviously never came back...

A lot of things was a mess. I was dying to get beats sold and make artists wanna work with me. It was so painful.

Untils I discovered something that changed my life....

Today You'll Get Access To The Perfect Tool To Make Artist Go Crazy About Your Beats

Now, you know you need to focus on the structure. But  you probably not sure what is a right structure for a beat.

You're not sure if you'll do it the right way or not. How long for the intro, chorus or verse first, if you need pre or/and post chorus, bridge. Where to put them and the numbers of bars.

It's all good. In few minutes you'll get access to 15 beat structure templates. All tested, approved & used by myself & tons of successful producers all over the world.

When you start a new beat. Just pick one of them & structure your beat.


You'll make beats that will talk to artists. They'll directly know how to write & flow on your beats. And at the same time you'll make beats faster

It's work no matter what kind of beats you made. It's work if you make rap, trap, boom bap, neosoul, trapsoul, rnb etc

"That's a real game changer"

Here is what I discovered : The most popular beats got a specific structure.


In fact. All famous & best artists know structure matter a lot in music. Not only in music BTW. The structure can get your beats from cool to phenomenal. Simply as that.


It's make 10x easier for an artist to imagine his vocal on your beats. And they can use it easily. In few words : The right structure will help you seduce the artist to get your beats.


That's a real game changer. Once you know how to structure your beats.


Everything will start to fall in place.

"The beat you made was fire"

"The beat you made was fire. You taught better ways to arrange the beat by making it where theres more than one way." - Grimmy Beats

All That For $25 Today

I make it really affordable for each producers because I don't rely on that to make money. And It's ask me less time than making beat collab with an optimized structure

I can't promise you all the artists who will hear your beats after that will go crazy about them. Because I don't know how good you are for making melodies, drums pattern etc. I promise the beat which will came out. Will be a beat optimized to get the attention of artists & wanna make them jump on it.

100% Guarantee Templates That Will Help You To Make Beats That Make Artist Wanna Jump On Them

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