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Get A Beat That 100% Fit The Track You Wanna Make
Without Spending Hours On YouTube

You're probably pissed off to :

- Spend hours on YouTube or beats stores like mine to find a beat that match what you're looking for

- But you never find what you want

- It's too long, or too short

- Not the right bpm

- Not the right structure

- Not the right mood or instruments you want for your track

- And you can't ask for modifications to make sure the beat fit 100% your final track

I know your pain :

Back in the days (in 2014, early 2015) I was still rapping

Got my lil set up at home, where I can record & mix my tracks. Before I can share them on Soundcloud, YouTube & more


I was so fuckin boring to spend time on YouTube to find beats & get basically the same beats as everyone. I was looking for more

I needed beats that fit exactly the idea I had in mind. Beats with very specific mood, structure

I needed that for particular project (EP) around a specific topic that matter a lot to me

I was looking for something really personal. Something that sound "Me"


That's exactly why I started making beats. My skills improved years after years...

But I got a good news for you. You don't need to spend years to learn how to make them to get beats that fit 100% to your tracks...

You can now get a custom beat

You choose everything about it :

Mood, Instruments, Length, Structure, Bpm

You can ask for 2 modifications after the delivery

All that for ONLY  ̶$̶1̶0̶0̶0̶  $100

It's cheap because I want you to get access to something that will help you stand out without spending an arm or a leg. Also it's a way to get create experience

And also because even if you'll get an exclusive license. I will keep 50% of the ownership of the beat.

Thx to that I can charge less for a service that will cost you way more if you wanna get the full ownership of the beat

What Artists Say About Working With Me
How it's work :

It's a 2 times payment

You make a deposit of the half of the total price ($50) for the apply

Once you apply, send a mail to

with all the infos for the beat :

Length, BPM, Mood, Instruments, Structure etc give as much details as you want

use the subject line : Custom Beats Details

I'll get back to you within 48h with a first snippet of your beat. If you like it. I will finish it and get back to you with final beat

If it's good. I'll send you a link to check out & pay the 2nd half

You get right to 2 modification after the final delivery. If you figured out that doesn't fit exactly your track, or you made some tweak into your lyrics etc. Just email me at with the subject line : custom beat modif

Free Bonuses* :


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👉 The guide : Get your music heard in 2020 (value $25)

/!\ You will receive the bonuses by mail after sending the info for your custom beat /!\

*This bonuses can be removed anytime without any warning*

 ̶$̶1̶0̶0̶0̶ $100 2x Times Payment

1st Deposit $50

Guarantee a Beat That 100% Fit  The Track You Have In Mind

4 Days Delivery

Safe Payment With Paypal & Stripe