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▶️ What's happen if I need to download again my beats ?
Download link will stay active while 1 year. And if needed, I can send you another link by mail. Just contact me at 


▶️ In which format I get the files ?
> 320 kbps mp3 files
> 48 kHz wav files
> 48 kHz individual trackout sessions wav files
> License Agreement PDF Files


▶️ Is there any tag on those beats ?
All thoses beats got only 1 tag at the beginning. 


▶️ How I will receive my beats ?
After payment you will see a download page with the link to download your beats. You will also receive a mail from Beatstars with the download link. Be sure to check your spams, sometimes the mail arrive in this folder.


▶️ Does I will get any prove of purchase ?
Yes, after payment, you will get access to your receipt on the download page of the beat.


▶️ Which payment method can I use ?
You can use PayPal or your credit card. For credit card I use Stripe it's another protected 
online transaction tool. You can order peacefully, your personnal will stay safe and secret.


▶️ What's happen if someone buy the exclusive right after I lease one beat ?
You can still use your beat in commercial project, even if someone buy the exclusive right version after you leased it.

▶️ Where is the note file that will help me to turn the beat into a track that's candy for the brain?

You'll find it in the stems folder.