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Only One Option To Make It Easy For You
Start at

Beat in High Quality Mp3 & Wav :

Just throw it in your (engineer’s) DAW, press record and make a banger


✅ Track Out Stems :

Use them to rearrange the beat and make it fit your track idea.

Give them to your engineer and your final mix will mind blow your fans.


Exclusive Right Licence Agreement :

You get Ownership of the beat & publishing

Just release your tracks, promote them and get your milestones.


✅ Streaming platforms release allowed :

Drop your tracks where your fans are and make money off them.


✅ Music video Allowed :

Extend the life time of your singles and album.


✅ Unlimited Radio Broadcast :

Reach new people effortlessly. They’ll hear you in their ride, at the gym , even while shopping.

If they hit Shazam on their phone you win.


✅ Only 1 tag at the beginning :

Let’s the world know you don’t work with the same producers as everyone 


✅ Must Credit Starseed Beats :

Show  everybody you support people you work with and so they should support you too.

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