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How To Take Your Tracks From Lame To Phenomenal

Are you pissed off to :

- Spend hours writing, recording & mixing your track & people don't react to it ?

- Asking yourself why people don't enjoy your dopest tracks ?

- You just wanna touch the soul of people with your music ?

Here is the problem :

Music is about feeling. People don't care how much time you spend on your track. They don't care where you record, who made the beat or how insane is your flow or the songwriting tech you use.

They only care about what they feel when they listen to a track

You can have the best track in the world. The most powerful flow, or beautiful lyrics. If your mix & master suck... People won't feel anything or not as much as they could

In 2019, Wiz Khalifa said on Twitter : "can't be a dope artist without a dope engineer"

That's the truth. Mixing really make or break a track

Mixing will help your track to shine. A good mix will make the listener feel the full vibe of your track. If your track is emotional it will make your fans to feel in every cells of their body.

A bad mix can make a dope track sound lame. And a great track sound phenomal.

If they feel something huge while listening to your track. They will love it. If they love it, they will listen to it several time, share it on social media, send it to their friends/family etc

In few words. Having a pro mix & master will help your track get the success you deserve


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How it's work :

Once you applied for the song mixing service


Send the track out stems of your song to via we transfer. Include any informations you want me to know for your mixing and mastering.


Please allow me 2 to 3 business day for turnaround


Be sure to send all the stems at the same lenght. And be sure to name all the stems like this : Lead, Chorus, Background etc


And all the stems need to be in wav files, compressed into a zip or rar file


And please incluse your email and artist name in a text file

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100% Guarantee Song That Sound Phenomenal & Pro

2-3 Business Days Delivery

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