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How To Sell Your Beats & Keep Rappers Coming Back For More
In the next lines, you'll discover how you can actually sell your beats, make real money thanks to them & get artists coming back to you to spend more money in your beats
May be you tried to :
Send DM to rappers to sell them beats
Post your beats on YouTube & Soundcloud
Pay Ads on Facebook
But nothing change & rappers keep saying they keep you in mind or don't even notice you ?
You know it's possible to make money by selling beats online but you don't know how & what is the secret ?
You're tired of rappers who's only looking for free beats to freestyle on their bedroom ?
Nobody give a fuck about your beats ?
I know your pain...
I was in the same situation as you not long ago. I tried so many things. Even got bunch of artists who hold me back exclusive beats but... was never able to pay them (obviously I didn't delivery them). Few spend their time to tell me "I'll buy you beats next friday bro" & keep coming to say that to me weeks after weeks.
Or the most popular sentence (I bet you know it) : "give me beats for free, you'll get mad exposure thx to me" ... & I don't even talk about artists who say "I don't make money with my music yet so I don't buy beats"
I waste sooooo much time & a bit of money (Wrong facebook & youtube ads) until I discovered & tried a secret that blew my mind...
Today, I took the decision to share it with you
All you have to know to get rappers bought your beats without being a big name of the industry. Or having a huge marketing business. 
To make rappers actually bought your beats & come back for more...
After sharing it one on one to a bunch of producers like you. I wrote for you my own method. That nobody talk about in the industry (or not in an explicit way...)
The only 6 things you need to focus on to sell beats online. Simple & effective
You'll discover :
Why posting beats online doesn't sell by itself
The (almost magic) trick that make rappers beg you to take their money
How to giveaway beats the right way will boost your sales
Why what you post on social media is crucial to sell beats
The number one thing producers sleep on that make them lose sales
How to actually get rappers listening to your beats without DM them all day
How I sold an exclusive rights beat by giving away free beats
The success beauty youtubers tips you must know to sell your beats easily
& much more
What people think about this method
All that for  ̶$̶1̶0̶0̶.̶0̶0̶  $19
I want it to be really affordable for every producers online. It's ask me less effort than doing one on one coaching. I could give it away for free but I wanna be sure you'll apply what I told you. When it's free, as a human we feel like it's not as good as it sound.
I can't promise you'll make 5 figures overnight. But you'll get sale for sure. You only need 2 sales to start making profit from that method
Guarantee Money Back
If within 6 month after your purchase, you didn't make at least $100 in sellin beats & you can show me you did everything you learn with my method. I'll refund you the money
Early Bird Access Bonuses :
Bonus 1 : Beat collab with Starseed Beats (Me) we'll split the gain 50/50 even on lease (Value $100.00)
Bonus 2 : My 2 personal drums kits that I use to make trap, rap & neo soul beats (Value $50.00)
Total Value : $250.00
Your Price Today : $19
Limited To 20 Producers
Instant Delivery
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