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Looking for a collab ?
Reach A Trusted Audience
Who's Looking For New Beats
By Doing A Collab With Me (Starseed Beats)

My 6 years as a music producer might interest you. With the time I learned how to make highly appealing beats for rappers.


That's lead me to become a recommended producer on a French platform, being featured on big beats' YouTube channel (such as Kyu Tracks for example), get over 12k+ beats download and 55k+ streams on Beatstars.

What You'll Get By Collab With Me ?

Reach A Brand New & Trusted Audience :


The beat we'll make will be drop on my beatstars, shared on my IG and send to my mailing list full of artists looking for beats

50/50 Split on lease AND exclusive :


Each time someone will lease the beat from me you'll get 50% of the gain. Same if someone want the exclusive version (sale them for $400)

Stunning mix & master :


The beat will be mixed & mastered with analog emulation plugins to add warm and life to the beat. Which mean the beat will easily touch the soul and the heart of the artist

Take advantage of my 6 years experience :


My beats are made to be highly appealing for artists : simple enough to leave them room for creativity, complex enough to entertain and structure the right way so artists can easily imagine themselves on them

How It's Work ?

Once you applied for the beat collab, just send loops (with or without stems it's up to you) to my mail. I'll listen to them, choose the one that inpire me the most and start a beat out of it.

In the next 48h, you'll receive a snippet of what I started. You'll be able to share your though about it, make suggestions etc

Then I'll go back to work. When I feel the beat is finished I'll send it to you, if it's good I'll send you all the files (mp3, wav, stems) and we'll plan for a release date.

You'll receive all the infos with my mail address by mail right after your application.

What People Say About My Beats
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Examples Of Collab I've Made
All That For  $50 Today

I make it really affordable for each producers because I don't rely on that to make money. Since it's take me time to process + you'll get access to my audience that trust me (so they will think I trust & approve your work) I have to charge a bit for that. It's only for serious producers.

I can't promise you the beat will sold directly at the release. I promise the beat which will came out will be easy to use for artists

Safe Payment

Each payment is made securely by credit card or Paypal. All your data will remain confidential.

Instant Delivery

Once the payment has been made. You'll receive an exclusive link by mail (from Beatstars) to download the instructions to start the beat collab.

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