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How To Turn Your Beats Into Cash
Without Ads & Less Than 10k Followers On Social Media
In the next lines, you'll discover a brand new way to sell beats online in 2021 :
 how you can actually turn your beats into cash. 
Maybe you tried to :
Send DM to rappers to sell them beats
Post your beats on YouTube & Soundcloud
Pay Ads on Facebook
But nothing change & rappers keep saying they keep you in mind or don't even notice you ?
You know it's possible to make money by selling beats online but you don't know how & what is the secret ?
You're tired of rappers who's only looking for free beats to freestyle on their bedroom ?
Nobody give a fuck about your beats ?
Keep reading and will discover a new way to turn your beats into cash...
I know your pain...
I was in the same situation as you not long ago. I tried so many things. Even got bunch of artists who hold me back exclusive beats but... was never able to pay them (obviously I didn't delivery them). Few spend their time to tell me "I'll buy you beats next friday bro" & keep coming to say that to me weeks after weeks.
Or the most popular sentence (I bet you know it) : "give me beats for free, you'll get mad exposure thx to me" ... & I don't even talk about artists who say "I don't make money with my music yet so I don't buy beats"
I waste sooooo much time & a bit of money (Wrong facebook & youtube ads) 
Until I discover the way, the system to turn my beats into cash. Without ads & less than 10k followers...
I Took The Decision To Share This Way With You. Today
The problem is most of producers who sell beats online do the same mistakes. Giving away too much free beats. Don't get around the right artists. Make 1 beats (or more) per day & post it on social media. Hoping paying artists will find them and buy their beats.
DM artists in a spammy way like "I got dope beats for cheap are you interested ?" Spending money in ads without knowing how to make it effectively.
It's a thing to have a good ads that drive artists to your website. That's another thing to make them buy your beats.
That's to avoid you to keep doing the mistakes that get you stuck I choose to deliver you my "secret" way, my system to turn your beats into cash.
At first. I shared my experienced with couple producers online (see the testimonials below).
In one on one session. Then I made a simple course who helped producers all over the world.
While the quarantine. I took this course and I upgraded it. Add it more things to be even more effective & easier.
At the end. I come up with a brend new step by step guide.
It's the "secret" way, the system you need to turn your beats into cash. And make artists beg you to take their money.
All that without ads & less than 10k followers
(every successful business owner know about that. You too, in couple minutes...)
You'll Learn :
👉 What to do to make artists say "Where's my wallet ?! I need to cop that right now!"
👉 Why posting beats online doesn't sell by itself
👉 How to attract rappers looking to buy beats using social media
👉 How to stand out from the crowd in this high competitive market
👉 Why what you post on social media is crucial to sell beats
👉 Why your beats licenses don't help you to sell beats & how to fix that
👉 How to become THE producer they only fuck with
👉 How to really build relationship with artists (without becoming friends)
& much more
Once again. All that without ads & less than 10k followers.
It's work perfectly if you never sold a beat before or you already sold couple.
It's work no matter what is the kind of beats you do. Even if you're a student, got a 9-5 job or have children to look for.
All you need to use this way, this system to turn your beats into cash is a laptop (or smartphone), your beats & an internet connection.
All that for ONLY  ̶$̶1̶5̶0̶.̶0̶0̶ $50 Today
I want it to be really affordable for every producers online. It's ask me less time & effort than doing one on one coaching. 
I can't promise you'll make 5 figures overnight. But you'll make easy money for sure.
Guarantee system 100% tested, approved & used on daily basis to sell beats online
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